Why Did Jaguar Remove Hood Ornaments?

Leaping Jaguar hood ornament on Jaguar XF

A classic Jaguar has a classic sign, and you will recognize it as the Jaguar logo itself, mounted upon the hood, prowling forward into the streets of Edina. Recently, you won’t see the Jaguar car with hood ornaments roaming the roads anymore. When did Jaguar stop using hood ornaments and why? Well, at this point, Jaguar is making the transition to focus on more aerodynamic design, and the engineering of cars nowadays has shapeshifted quite a bit. At Jaguar Richfield, we understand the interest, so we outline the Jaguar hood ornament history, including the reason and timing of the removal.

Jaguar Hood Ornament: History

Some of the most classic vehicles you may remember, small, boxy and amiable, often had hood ornaments. Cars often had a radiator cap at this point in the hood, and the ornament was a design element aimed to make the vehicles look better. You can see the Jaguar hood ornament history beginning with the 1959 Mark II. When did Jaguar stop using hood ornaments? Learn more below.

When Did Jaguar Stop Using Hood Ornaments?

In the last two decades, Jaguar has started to phase out the prominent hood ornament. One reason this began is because of the redesigning of the radiator cap, now it goes under the hood, and the area doesn’t need the design element to cover it up. Also, in the last few years, the style hasn’t been as appealing to drivers as it previously was. Another issue that was presenting itself with the hood ornaments was they kept getting stolen. Most Edina drivers aren’t looking to pay for another hood ornament. The last reason was regulatory as European countries have started to phase out the instruments because of the potential risk to pedestrians who get hit by cars.

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