History of the Jaguar Symbol

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The Jaguar car emblem is an unforgettable symbol and one of the most recognisable emblems in the automotive industry. But, have you ever wondered about the Jaguar logo history? Take a look into the past with Jaguar Richfield to see how the brand became the automotive titan it is today, and visit our dealership to experience the history of Jaguar for yourself with a new Jaguar vehicle from our inventory. 

What Do the Jaguar Car Symbols Mean?

The Jaguar car emblem is meant to embody the ferocity and power of the animal spirit while aligning with the company’s mission and goals. What represents the Jaguar brand? Jaguar has described their brand as “grace, elegance, performance, power, and the ambition to leap forward.” Here are some of the meanings of the Jaguar car symbols in more detail: 

  • The Leaping Jaguar: This silver jaguar can be seen in mid-leap with a noticeable snarl on its face. Originally, this emblem was introduced as a hood ornament, but it’s now obviously much more. 
  • The Roaring Jaguar: This circular emblem shows the Jaguar facing the front and letting out an intimidating roar. Usually, you’ll see this cat with a red background and silver border, but in early versions, the cat was gold with a red background and black border. 

The silver and metallic gray colors symbolize sophistication and modernity while black represents integrity and performance. Red is meant to represent the passion for the drive as Jaguar puts it. 

Jaguar Logo History

How did the Jaguar vehicles in our dealership near St. Paul end up there? Where did they come from originally? The legendary brand didn’t start out this way and had humble beginnings. Here is the unique Jaguar logo history: 

  • 1922: The Swallow Sidecar Company had its beginnings making sidecars for motorcycles in England. 
  • 1934: The Swallow Sidecar Company is renamed and rebranded as the automotive brand SS Cars Limited. 
  • 1935: The SS Jaguar was introduced as the first Jaguar model. This first model featured a badge that read “Jaguar” surrounded by the wings and tail of a bird. 
  • 1945: SS Cars Limited was again renamed, but this time, it took on the title of Jaguar Cars Limited. This way, it could establish itself as a singular brand and avoid any confusion or association with the Nazi SS military group during WWII. 
  • 1945: The Leaping Jaguar logo was introduced as a hood ornament, and it remained this way for the most part until the early 2000s. 

The Jaguar Hood Ornament’s Evolution

What led to the change of the Jaguar logo? Here are some of the things that played a part in how it went from a simple ornament to a recognizable brand image:

  • 1968: With the passing of the federal seat belt law, flashy designs and hood ornaments were scrapped for aerodynamics and passenger safety. 
  • 1980s: Because hood ornament necklaces were becoming popular after being worn by popular rappers, many drivers had their hood ornaments stolen. This and the cost of having these parts replaced led to fewer cars being designed with them upon production. 
  • 2005: The European Union changed its safety laws, requiring hood ornaments to collapse, bend, or fold away in the event of a collision. 

Edina drivers hoping to get a remaining glimpse of history will be happy to know that the Leaping Jaguar can still be seen on current models as a silhouetted version of itself in a bade-style design. It’s usually on the driver’s side and rear of the vehicle and the circular emblem is now on the front and center of the grille. Visit Jaguar Richfield to learn more about who owns Jaguar and other unique Jaguar logo history facts. 

Discover the Jaguar History at Jaguar Richfield

Visit us in Richfield to experience the history of the Jaguar brand for yourself by choosing a new Jaguar vehicle that you’ll love to drive. Contact us to get started and learn more about what makes Jaguar so unique.

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