How Long Does it Take to Order a Car?

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Sometimes, you might go to a dealership only to find that they don’t have the exact model you want. Or, maybe they do have the right model, but you want one with certain features or looks. In that case, you can factory order a car. This just means that you order it directly from the manufacturer and pick it up at the dealership. How does the process work?

Learn how to order a car from the factory with Jaguar Richfield Certified Pre-Owned & Service. Then, if you choose to order a car with us, we’ll show you what to expect before it arrives near Minneapolis.

Can You Buy a Car Directly From the Manufacturer?

Factory ordering a car isn’t the same as buying it from the factory. You can’t buy a car directly from a manufacturer, so you’ll have to buy the vehicle through the dealership. Even though you factory order a car, you’ll still pick it up from the dealership. Ordering through the dealership gives you the ability to customize your car to your liking, and you’ll be able to see what your car will look like and what kinds of features it’ll have available before it arrives at the dealership.

Benefits of Choosing to Factory Order a Car

There are plenty of reasons that St. Paul drivers choose to factory order a car, including:

  • Drivers have the ability to choose the exact model they want.
  • Drivers can customize the features and accessories of the model they want.
  • Drivers can usually get a lower starting price when they order their car from the factory.

How Long Does It Take To Order a Car From the Factory?

One of the drawbacks of ordering a car from the factory is that it can take longer than if you were to buy it directly from the dealership. Usually, it can take anywhere from one to two months for a factory-ordered car to get to the dealership. However, the time can vary depending on where your car is being shipped from.

When you order your car at Jaguar Richfield Certified Pre-Owned & Service, our finance center will keep you up to date about when you can expect your car to arrive at the dealership. Then, when it arrives in the Edina area, we’ll let you know, and you can pick it up whenever it’s convenient for you.

How to Order a Car From the Factory

So, how do you order a car from the factory? The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Apply for financing.
  2. Choose the dealership you’d like to pick up the car from.
  3. Design the car you want.
  4. Make a copy of the car you designed.
  5. Bring that model design to the dealership of your choice.
  6. Ask any questions you have about price, wait times, and anything else you want to know.
  7. Once everything is settled, sign any paperwork you need to.
  8. Value your trade-in if you want to trade in your current vehicle before buying a new one.

Once you’ve completed those steps, we’ll keep you updated on when you can expect your car to arrive.

Factory Order a Car in Richfield!

So, can you buy a car from the manufacturer directly? No. But, you can order a car from a factory, and when you do so with us, it’s simple and convenient. Contact us if you have questions about how to order a car from the factory!