Jaguar Car Battery Service in Richfield

2021 Jaguar F-TYPE
As you venture out on the open road, you’ll want to feel confident knowing that you’ll get from point A to point B with ease. If you haven’t had your Jaguar’s battery inspected recently, your journey could prove to be unpredictable. Our Jaguar service center is here to help with all of your Jaguar battery service needs in Richfield.

How to Check Your Jaguar Battery’s Condition & What to Do If It Fails

There are several ways to check your battery, and if it fails to start, give our service center a call. You also have the option of learning how to jump-start a car to see if that does the trick.

  • Make sure that the connections are clean, tight, and corrosion-free
  • If your car fails to start, get your jumper cables and find another driver to help
  • Make sure that both cars are in “park” or “neutral” with the ignitions shut off and the emergency brake is on
  • Remove the caps from each car’s battery and connect the cables
  • Attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal on your battery and attach the other red clip on the positive terminal on the other vehicle’s battery
  • Attach one of the black clips to the negative terminal on the other car’s battery and attach the other black clip to an unpainted, metal surface on your car—making sure that it’s not near the carburetor or the battery
  • Try to start your vehicle

If you find you cannot jumpstart the battery or can do so with some difficulty, it may be time to schedule a service appointment with our service center.

How to Often to Replace Your Car Battery

Many drivers often ask how often to replace a car battery. This answer varies depending on numerous things like climate, location, and your driving habits. There are warning signs to watch out for that indicate it’s time for a new battery:

  • Slow-cranking or sluggish start
  • Low fluid levels in the battery
  • Fluid leaking from the battery
  • A swelling or bloated battery case
  • The “Check Battery” light comes on

Don’t hesitate to ask our certified service team if you have any questions about how to jump-start a car or how to replace your car battery.

How to Lengthen Your Car Battery’s Life

While batteries are fairly inexpensive, most drivers want them to safely last as long as possible. Check out our tips to help extend the life of your battery:

  • Limit the number of short trips you make.
  • Make sure the battery is always tightly fastened in its compartment.
  • When the engine is off, avoid using the headlights or interior lights.
  • Remove any corrosion that has been built up on the battery.
  • Park in the shade to avoid battery overheating.
  • Check the voltage (should be around 12.7 volts or above) monthly.
  • Don’t let your car sit untouched for long periods.

Visit Our Service Center Near Eden Prairie Today!

Whether you need help learning how to jump-start a car, how often to replace a car battery, questions about the Jaguar maintenance menu, as well as other service tips, we have you covered at Jaguar Richfield! Don’t hesitate to contact our service center for more details or to schedule an appointment today. Be sure to check out our parts and service specials before stopping by!

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