Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

Mechanic Adjusting Brake Pad


If you’re driving around Minneapolis and you suddenly hear metallic sounds coming from your vehicle, you’re probably wondering why your brakes are grinding and how to make it stop. The sound of brakes making grinding noises is an indicator of issues with your braking system that needs immediate attention. 

Even though you may want to put off your brake repairs until it’s more convenient, it’s essential to have them repaired at our Richfield service center as soon as possible to avoid any major problems. Learn more about why your brakes are grinding, and don’t hesitate to contact our service center if you have any questions or need to make an appointment.

Brakes Grinding When Stopping

If you notice your brakes grinding when you make a stop, there could be a few reasons for this:

  • If the sound happens when stopping or slowing down, your brake pads could be the culprit. Over time, brake pads lose their thickness and start making a squealing noise that’s known as “brake scrubbing.” As the pads wear down further, you’ll hear a grinding noise instead.
  • If you hear a sharper grinding noise, this could be the sound of your brake disc and calipers. It can also cause a rumble in your pedal. If this is the case, a brake pad replacement may be required, as well as a disc or rotor replacement.
  • If you hear brakes grinding when stopping at full force, this may be your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Your ABS activates when you use your brakes in full force, and it may even cause vibrations in the pedal. 

Why Are My Brakes Grinding When Driving?

If you hear a grinding noise when you’re driving around Eden Prairie, this can be rocks and debris bouncing off of the rotor and caliber. This is a stress-free and easy service, but it’s essential to have it fixed right away to prevent any damage from accumulating. You can try to remove the debris at home, but most Edina drivers would prefer to have our factory-trained and certified technicians handle the task at our service center. Schedule a service appointment to have your vehicle inspected while you’re here to resolve your brakes grinding for good.

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If you notice your brakes are grinding, don’t hesitate to schedule your service appointment! We offer competitive prices and service specials to use at our service center.

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