Wheel Balancing vs. Wheel Alignment

mechanic performs wheel alignment
Your Jaguar vehicle’s wheels are some of the most important parts, and that’s why it’s essential to keep up with regular tire care. Two routine services are wheel alignment and balancing. Many often ask if these are the same services. Technically, they aren’t. Learn the difference between wheel balancing vs. wheel alignment from the Jaguar service experts at Jaguar Richfield Certified Pre-Owned & Service.

What is Wheel Balancing Service?

Wheel balancing should be done regularly, since your wheels can lose their balance over time. When the wheels become unbalanced, it causes the steering wheel to shake or vibrate for an unpleasant drive around Minneapolis. Unbalanced tires also develop varying tire wear, since one part of the tire is much heavier than the others.

Having this service ensures that your vehicle provides you and your passengers with a smooth ride. It also reduces tire bouncing, improves traction and control, and extends the life of your tires. It’s best to have your wheels balanced when your tires get rotated, which is about every 5,000 to 6,000 miles or every six months.

What is Wheel Alignment Service?

Wheel alignment is a service that should be done as needed, and it’s not part of your routine maintenance. When the wheels get aligned, also referred to as front-end alignment, the service technician ensures that the tires are perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other.

If your wheels are not aligned, it can result in uneven tread and unnecessary wear and tear. This can also cause steering issues and your vehicle to start pulling and drifting into the next lane. This is why it’s essential to have your wheel alignment checked as soon as you notice there’s an issue.

Wheel Balancing vs. Wheel Alignment: Which Is Needed?

After learning the difference between wheel alignment and balancing, you’ll know which is needed. If your vehicle starts pulling to one side of the Eden Prairie roads, it’s important to schedule a service appointment for wheel alignment as soon as you can. If you notice that your steering wheel is vibrating, a wheel balance is needed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our service department if you have any questions.

Wheel Balancing & Wheel Alignment Cost

How much does a wheel balancing cost? This depends on your location and vehicle. However, service costs for both the wheel alignment and balancing do vary. Generally, drivers will spend between $40 – $75 for their wheel balancing service.

How much does a wheel alignment service cost? A front-end alignment generally runs between $65 to $100 or more, depending on the brand. However, if all four wheels need to get aligned, the cost could double.

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